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Coal Mines in Illinois


Historic Context: Coal Mines in Illinois
Bibliography of Coal Mining Research
Bell and Zoeller Mine
Bobby Dick Mine (Williamson County)
Bunsenville Mine
Cahokia Coal Washer (St. Clair County)
Cherry Mine / St. Paul Coal Company Mine No. 2: ASSR (Bureau County)
Cherry Mine / St. Paul Coal Company Mine No. 2:  IL HABS (Bureau County)
Clay Mine
Coal City Mine
Crescent Mine
Galatia Mine
Glenridge Mine / Junction City Icehouse (Marion County)
Hepworth Mine
Hoosier Mine
Illinois Third Vein Coal Company Mine No. 1 / Whitebreast Fuel Company Mine (Ladd, Bureau County)

Illinois Zinc Company Mine No. 1 / Deer Park Mine / Illinois Clay Products Mine (La Salle County)

Interstate Coal Company Mine No. 22 / Southern Gem Mine No. 2 / Brewerton Mine No. 2 (Franklin County)

Jefferson No. 20 Mine (Nason)
Kathleen Mine
Manhattan Mine
Mohns Mine (Peoria County) (First Report)
Mohns Mine (Peoria County) (Second Report)
New Salem Mine (Menard County)
Radium Mine (St. Clair County)
Ruby Mine (St. Clair County)
Shiloh Mine (St. Clair County)
Standard City
Taylor Mine (Franklin County)
Viola Mine (Mercer County)
Worden Mine (Madison County)
Young Mine (Madison County)